Charlie Finch


It’s been a long journey for Finch and the release of his album is the highlight for him. “I’ve been looking forward to releasing this album for so long and now the day is finally here. I’m honestly just so excited for people to hear it and see what their favorite songs are. It’s hard for me to say which are my favorite songs on the album as I feel like all of them are a part of me. I really love ‘Elaine’ as it was quite a significant moment in my life that I was writing about, and the song always brings back so many memories.”

“Life’s Journey” is a debut collection of perfection. With tracks such as the hauntingly beautiful opener “Into The Woods”, hit singles “Stay the Winter” and “If I Ever Let You Down”, and highlight tracks “No Escape”, “Growing Up” along with the album title track “Life’s Journey”, Finch has poured his heart and soul into this record.

The song writing process saw Finch draw a lot from his life, grabbing moments and creating them into songs. Some came quick and the others took ages to develop. Finch explains further, saying “The songs all usually stem from a moment in my life that stands out and then I would just sit down with a guitar or a piano and start writing. Sometimes the songs just poured out in a very short amount of time and other times I only ended up finishing a song years later.”

Finch’s debut album is as close to his life’s journey as listeners can experience and it’s a “Life’s Journey” worth hearing.

Charlie Finch explains the inspiration behind each track:

Into the Woods is the story of a guy who is completely spellbound by a woman who is an absolute hurricane. He realizes the power she holds over him and how easy it is for her to manipulate him. So he runs away from the whole situation and retreats to safety until he is able to see/think clearly again.

Stay the Winter is about a guy who falls in love with a woman who moves away and how he deals with long distance relationship. It speaks of the frustration one feels when a loved one is so far away and all you want to do is spend time with them. It wasn’t until I was explaining the song to someone that I realized, I had subconsciously written the song about my own experience.

Life’s Journey is a song written to my now wife about the journey we have shared together and the privilege it has been to walk it with her. It’s really a feel-good song about facing life together during the good and the bad.

The Chase is written about going through a very dark time in life and holding onto the hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel

Time is a song about an incredible moment in life that just seems to freeze time, giving one the feeling that it’s almost standing still. The chorus speaks of how mysterious time can be and warns that one should pay attention to the here and now or you will wake up one day and the time will have past.

If I Ever Let You Down is written with a father figure in mind. It’s about someone reflecting on their life and looking to their father for reassurance. It was written in a time in my life when I was looking back at all the choices I had made, and really just looking for some sort of reassurance.

Don’t Lose yourself is a song about not losing the essence of who you are in a world that can so easily pull you astray from your ideal. It’s about not conforming just because it’s easier.

No Escape is about the problem that none of us can avoid, time. It’s about how we are all in the same boat and running the same race known as life. There is no pause or rewind button when it comes to life, there is simply no escape from the choices that one makes. It also speaks about just stopping for a moment to really enjoy what you have.

Growing Up is the story of two kids who are best friends in their youth and end up going in complete different directions as they grow up, yet whenever they see each other it’s like they were never apart. It’s the story of true friendship.

Elaine was written about a family friend who passed away due to cancer. It tells of her incredible strength right to the very end and the love her and her husband shared. It’s about the hope that they will see each other again and that not even death is the end.

Charlie Finch’s debut album “Life’s Journey” is available now to download or stream –


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